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Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years and has treated millions of people and helped them with their auto accident injuries. One of the biggest injuries we see from a car accident is whiplash in the neck as well as lower back pain. Left untreated these injuries can manifest into bigger problems long term, which is why getting your injuries checked immediately following an auto accident is essential for the best long term and short term outcomes. For example, someone with lower back pain from an accident left untreated can turn into sciatica and become radiating pain in either the right or left leg. Whiplash injuries left untreated can turn into radiating pain into the hands and eventually lead to weakness.

Chiropractic assesses the whole spine and works to restore function, mobility, and reduce pain through specific chiropractic treatments. These chiropractic treatments from auto injuries can be spinal manipulation or other modalities that will help to reduce inflammation and restore joint mobility. In our office in the West End of Atlanta we have dozens of different therapies along with the chiropractic adjustment we can utilize in order to give the patient the best results. If you don’t know if chiropractic can help then please call us for a complimentary consultation after your auto accident for further information.

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The human spine has 7 neck vertebra, 12 mid-back, and 5 lower back vertebra that can become injured at any given moment in an auto accident. At Atlanta Spine Group, we take digital x-rays of the primary problem to assess which of those vertebrae are misaligned or causing problems. We also perform joint mobility tests along with grip strength tests and range of motion testing to measure each spinal vertebrae to give the patient the best outcomes and results.

Many accident attorneys refer to Atlanta Spine Group based on the strong reputation and different treatment options. Atlanta Spine Group understands the importance of treatment immediately following an accident which is why it includes travel in your treatment so there is no delay in taking care of your body.

Atlanta Spine Group has been a leading force for chiropractic treatment in spinal injuries from auto accidents and for Atlanta Spine Group, it comes back to: Service and Results.

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