Car wrecks can be devastating. Your whole world can change in an instant. A million questions might come to mind. Is my insurance going to cover all this? Who is going to repair my car? How am I going to get to work?

At Atlanta Spine Group, we realize that all these questions and worries can prevent you from taking care of the most important component in this situation – yourself.

Not only can we help you take care of your health, but we can also help you navigate the entire process of your auto accident. Many of our patients tell us that they experienced relief simply from the peace of mind they received through our complimentary consultation.

We maintain relationships with an extensive network of professionals to help you with every aspect of your accident. From highly competent personal injury attorneys to excellent health specialists to reputable car repair shops, we’ve got you covered.

Car Accident Chiropractic Care

If you or someone you know has endured a car accident, obtain the best Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents by contacting the Atlanta Spine Group at 678.902.6722..


The detriments produced by car accidents leave victims traumatized. The initial impact of car accidents may leave victims unaware about the true severity of their injuries; until time has passed and their shock levels have subsided. However, it is necessary to obtain the evaluation of a Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents in order to ensure the proper care and treatment of accident related injuries.


The bodily areas inflicted by car accidents include the neck, back, and shoulders. Although these are the zones most commonly affected, only a Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents can entirely diagnose all the injuries and contractures that may exist on the body elsewhere. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain a complete examination by a certified Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents, especially if there is discomfort and pain.

Car Accident Injury Chiropractor


Dr. Trimble is a certified Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents with years of experience. She has established a reputation for obtaining successful results for all his patients who attend her clinic after being involved in a car accident.

Dr. Trimble is known as The Car Accident Clinic in West End, Atlanta due to her specialized treatment of car accident related injuries. Unlike other Atlanta chiropractor car accident competitors, Dr. Trimble & staff can also provide patients with assistance to attain the compensation they deserve.

Without the evaluation of a Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents, individuals who have endured car accidents can suffer from serious escalated consequences. These injuries have the ability to inflict everyday movements such as walking or exercising. Acquiring a Atlanta chiropractor for car accidents can produce an impacting difference in the recovery of car accident victims.

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