car accident headaches

Do people get headaches from car accidents?

While back pain and neck pain are the most common symptoms following a car accident, headaches are a close second.
Most patients are confused by this. Why would being involved in a car accident cause someone to suffer from headaches?
Well, it has to do with the intimate connection between the neck and the brain. Even if you’re not suffering from neck pain, there can still be damage to the ligaments in the cervical (neck portion) of the spine as a result of whiplash. Damage to the ligaments often come with damage to the nerves, as well.
Before you say to yourself, “but I was only in a fender-bender, I couldn’t have whiplash”, understand that whiplash can occur in accidents where the car was traveling less than 5 mph!
For a more thorough explanation, check out this short video about spinal trauma and headaches.