Nervous man car accident

Nervous about seeing a chiropractic after your car accident?

Have you ever considered going to a chiropractor for you back pain, neck pain or headaches but felt anxious about stepping into the unknown? It should make you feel better that you’re not alone.

Most first-time patients that come to us are at least a little apprehensive, and that’s perfectly ok!

Nervous man car accident

One thing patients have told us they appreciate about Atlanta Spine Group is that our first visit includes a complimentary consultation before we proceed with an examination. You can have a direct conversation with the doctor at no cost whatsoever. If for any reason you decide our office is not the right fit for you, it will only cost you your time. Since we’re conveniently located right in Westview, we’re only a short drive from West End and Adair Park which can save you even more time.

Give us a call at 678-902-6722 and set up a time to talk with Dr. Ritola today!