increase balance car accident

How to get balance back after a car accident?

If you want to know what neuromuscular reeducation is and what it does, check out our last blog. Here we will explore how we go about reestablishing proper communication between the brain and muscles.

The first tool we use is balance training. That’s right, we work with our patients to improve their sense of balance. You may be asking yourself, “what does balance have to do with back pain?!?!”, and that’s a great question. The answer is, it has A LOT to do with it!increase balance car accident

When muscles are damaged, as in the case of whiplash or other injures as a result of a car accident, there is a disruption between the brain’s communication with the muscles. That is NOT a good thing.

Even after the pain is gone, the brain’s ability to communicate with the muscles is compromised. If proper communication is not restored, it can lead to many future problems and pain.

By working with balance, we are reestablishing that proper communication between brain and body.

You can think of it like practicing a sport. The more a baseball pitcher practices throwing a certain way, the more likely he will throw that way in the future. That happens because he is training his brain to communicate with his muscles in a specific way.

The same thing is happening with balance training, but instead of training for a sport, we’re training for everyday life.