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How much is enough for a car accident to get treatment?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a patient tell me that they were just in a “little” accident. They really don’t feel there’s a need to get an examination because there wasn’t really much damage to their car. The thing is, it doesn’t matter! All the current research is very clear on […]

Why does pain move around after a car accident?

“The pain started in my neck, but last week my hip started hurting and now, my lower back is killing me…WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!” I’ve heard this same question so many times in my office that I’ve started to give the answer to my patients on their very first day of treatment, before they even have […]

Who is B & B on Metropolitan and who is Bubba?

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you know that finding an auto body repair shop that you can trust can sometimes be difficult. But you can rest easy, because you know that Bubba down at B&B will take good care of you. Bubba has been repairing cars in SW Atlanta for 9 years and […]

Who is King Auto Body in the West End?

Here at Atlanta Spine Group, we love to promote other local businesses that have a great reputation in the SW Atlanta community, and one of our favorites is King Auto Body. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to call William at King Auto Body and he’ll be sure to take great […]

Who is Color Collision Center in the West End?

After a car accident, when it comes to taking care of your body Atlanta Spine Group has got you covered. But when it comes to taking care of your AUTO body, you should give Fred Porter at Color Collision Center a call. Fred has been repairing cars in the SW Atlanta area for longer than […]

Can a car accident affect neck posture?

More and more patients that come into my office are, in one way or another, familiar with the term “text neck”. Some admit to having heard the words, but aren’t exactly sure what they mean. Text neck is caused by a number of things, one of the big ones is from looking down at your […]