seeking medical help after auto accident

Life is busy here in Atlanta and the city pace of life is as fast as the traffic is slow. Life is so busy here in the West End that when some people are injured in a car accident, they just don’t think they have the time to take care of their health.seeking medical help after auto accident

We’ve seen this situation play out too many times here in the office. A patient comes in for a consultation and tells us they were involved in a collision. They say that they just had a little soreness, neck pain and lower back pain at first and thought it would get better on its own. They tell us that when the pain actually got worse instead of better, they wanted to come in to get checked out, but were just too busy.

There’s no doubt that life is much busier now than it was several years ago, but there are two very important reasons to put your health first and get an evaluation after you’ve been involved in a car accident.

  1. The Healing Process Begins Immediately After an Injury – But it Must Heal CORRECTLY

In the case of whiplash, the ligaments in the neck become overstretched. This is NOT a good thing because those ligaments are what hold the bones of your neck together. No matter what you do (or don’t do), the healing process will begin to repair those ligaments. The problem is that without proper treatment, the ligaments heal in a way that makes them less durable and that can lead to much more pain and dysfunction down the road.

The longer you wait to receive appropriate treatment, the more your ligaments begin to heal in the wrong way and the less likely you are to have a good outcome with your injuries.

  1. Time is MONEY

Every day that you wait after an auto accident to get treatment is more ammunition that an insurance company has to argue that you didn’t really have any injuries at all. It’s not right, but people that wait more than 30 days to seek treatment after a car crash drastically reduce their ability to collect money from an insurance company to cover their medical costs. That’s why, if you’re having ANY pain, stiffness or other symptoms, you should come in as soon as possible for a full evaluation.